• For photos of a known plant click it in the Species List. 
  • To identify a plant start with Vegetation types. Identifications should be checked on Plantnet.
  • Plantnet is The Flora of NSW online at http://plantnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au 
  • From the Species list, and the Vegetation type menus, links go to the primary photo of a plant. The forward arrows or another link will reveal any other photos of that species.
  • If you are on a photo page and want to know where it is in the site; hover over "Vegetation types,” then the next highlighted group. Continuing this will show the groups and subgroups above the page you are on.
  • The names on this site are as used on Plantnet.
  • The scale in some photos has bands 10mm wide.
  • Contact Philip Diemar.